Translational Research Fellows Program

Program Objective

Providence St. Joseph Health and Institute for Systems Biology are transforming health care into a system that focuses on keeping patients healthy and identifying opportunities to prevent and/or reverse disease. As part of that mission, the Translational Research Fellows Program (TRFP) provides unique opportunities for bench-to-bedside translational research with mentorship from experts in systems biology and clinical research.

The fellows program offers outstanding researchers the opportunity to accelerate their development in the field of translational medicine by providing an independent, fully funded research environment free of the formal teaching responsibilities that typically accompany postdoc and early-faculty tracks. Fellows are encouraged and expected to secure funding as their research progresses.

The collaborative program leverages key strengths from both institutions, combining ISB’s systems-driven and pioneering approaches to optimize wellness and predict disease with Providence’s patient-centric approach, network of 50 hospitals, 829 clinics and 7,500 clinicians, accessible clinical data from more than 3 million patients, and long history of supporting clinical research.

Program Description

  • TRFP is a three-year training program (subject to annual review) focused on working with a multidisciplinary team and integrating experimental research with patient-based clinical research to explore disease processes and advance detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.
  • All faculty members from ISB will participate in this program. Each TRFP fellow will have the support of a mentoring committee comprised of faculty and clinicians from both ISB and PSJH. The mentoring committee will be a mix of faculty and clinicians working either in a field related to or complementary to that of the fellow’s research.
  • This is an independent research position. Every fellow will receive funding to support salaries and research-associated costs.


Program Focus Areas

Research project ideas include, but are not restricted to:

  • Using data clouds to optimize wellness, identify the earliest stages of transition from wellness to disease, and follow disease progression and response to therapy
  • Improving wellness analytics and validating wellness metrics
  • Developing molecular network models for drug discovery
  • Systems approaches to addressing disease heterogeneity


Application and Selection Process

We are not currently accepting applications for the Translational Research Fellows Program.