Core Values


We understand that effective systems biology requires constant attention to a very complex, very human social experiment –

the success of systems biology is entirely dependent on creating and nurturing the kind of financial, social and psychological environment that assures the world’s best scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians can do their best work together.

We cherish intellectual freedom –

not because it offers us the ability to explore wherever our hearts, minds and interests take us, but because it is essential to breakthrough science. In addition to driving scientific advancement across multiple arenas, we must devote a significant portion of our work to the kind of research that does not require an “answer.”

We value collaboration –

we are committed to breaking down the natural barriers and silos that exist between different disciplines and various schools of thought so that we assure the most comprehensive understanding possible.

We have a responsibility to share what we learn –

we seek opportunities to share everything we learn—not just to advance science across all disciplines of human health, but to encourage and educate the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians who will create breakthroughs that we cannot even imagine today

We do not seek roadmaps, we create them –

we work hard to resist the all-too-human temptation to find “safe harbors” for our exploration, or bend our science so that it better fits funding conventions. Our work almost always assures that we will be ahead of the conventions of the time, so we must create new conventions.

We expect to invent the future of human health and environmental sustainability –

everything we do creates the possibility for breakthroughs in how the entire array of human health issues are understood, prevented and treated. Our systems approach demands that we incorporate best-in-class thinking on the critical role the environment plays in human health and wellbeing.


ISB Culture

What it’s like to work at ISB

Dr. Lee Hood, ISB president and co-founder, describes the kind of people who work at ISB.


Dr. Nitin Baliga, SVP and Director of ISB, explains how ISB culture is different.