• “The traditional approach of focusing on single isolated components just won’t work in the complex systems that are human beings. Systems biology is the future of research and will provide the tools needed to understand complex diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity, etc., that are plaguing our society.”

    -Chris Plaisier, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Baliga Lab, ISB
  • “The promise of systems biology is what the 100K Wellness Project and many others at ISB are all about. My participation has given me new insights into my own health, and will contribute data to an emerging revolution in medicine where we move beyond treating disease. This is exciting science.”

    – Dave Sabey, ISB Chairman of the Board
  • “…In order to really see the culprits (of disease), we have to zoom in, into blood, into cells, into microbiology so complex we ordinary mortals can’t grasp it. But computers can and the creative and brilliant minds at ISB can. They can take great complexity and sort it into sense.”

    – Liesl Wilke, Wilke Lyme Disease Project at ISB

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