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A foundational element of Institute for Systems Biology is to make quality STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education a reality for every student regardless of gender, race or socioeconomic status. We approach this like we approach our science: driven by research and with a deep understanding of the complex systems that best educate our children.

Our systems approach drives us to work with all parts of the education system, including students, teachers, principals and other district leaders. Additionally, we involve STEM professionals, who inspire students, educators and administrators and deepen their understanding of how to live, work and play in an increasingly STEM-centric society.

Children are born investigators with a drive to make sense of the natural world and solve problems big and small. ISB partners with teachers and school district leaders to elevate STEM education and harness this natural drive.

Our work in this area is timely and necessary. Consider: The state of Washington ranks No. 1 in terms of the concentration of STEM-related jobs, but too few students are graduating with the skills needed to fill those jobs.

We believe that our science is going to change the world and that we are an integral part of preparing the world to be changed.


Systems Medicine Education

Empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to participate in managing their health, and preparing a new generation of collaborative, interdisciplinary STEM and health care professionals for the novel demands of the systems medicine framework.

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    Inspiring teachers to inspire students          

    Each year, we serve 30 school districts by way of  400 days of professional development in support of 50 district and school leaders  and  1,000+ educators who teach an estimated 77,000 students.


    Experiential learning opportunities

    More than 2.3 million students have used ISB’s instructional materials through 46,000 teachers in all 50 states and in more than 100 countries. These instructional materials are housed within seven complete curriculum modules. We are currently working on four additional modules.


    Investing our time

    ISB’s education team leverages the experience of the STEM professionals with whom we share a workspace. Annually, ISB employees volunteer their support to education: One-third of ISB employees voluntarily participate in education and outreach, which equates to more than 400 hours of time and expertise.


Students are the core of the STEM education system and they need robust opportunities to nurture their interests, develop their aspirations, and build their knowledge and skills.

ISB’s Logan Center for Education provides professional development steeped in the research base for teaching and learning, contemporary science, engineering and mathematics, and, importantly, the context of a given school system.

ISB’s Systems Education Experience (SEE) program is a scientist-student-educator partnership that provides experiential learning through hands-on curriculum, teacher training and student internships.

We encourage students to learn more about systems biology in particular, and STEM practices in the workplace in general, by engaging in real world experiences in our facilities. We host a variety of experiences for classes and individual K-12, undergraduate and graduate students.


As quality teaching has the greatest impact on student learning, many of our education efforts focus on the teacher as a critical element of the system.

ISB’s SEE program works toward translating interdisciplinary research practices into experiences, including cutting-edge, hands-on curriculum and internships/externships. They provide professional development to teachers, training them to use and develop STEM curriculum modules for high school classrooms.
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ISB’s Logan Center for Education partners with school districts to work with teams of teachers, K-12, through our professional development programs, which are founded in learning research, contemporary science and engineering, and, importantly, offered within the context of a given school system.
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School Leadership

Our systems approach to education drives us to incorporate professional learning experiences for the leaders in our education systems, including principals, district science specialists, and teacher leaders.

ISB’s The Logan Center for Education works with districts to customize professional development and coaching experiences for leaders that positively impact science teaching and learning.


STEM Professionals

Our decades of experience working with educators have demonstrated that STEM professionals can be pivotal touchstones for all elements of the STEM education system. Students and educators alike are inspired by their stories and appreciate opportunities to deepen their understanding of STEM knowledge and practices. We support and train STEM professionals to engage with the education system in a variety of settings: educator professional development, curricular resource development, classrooms, and internships. If you have questions, please email Jennifer Eklund, or click the link below for more information.



ISB’s education team provides a number of community resources, including tours, job shadow opportunities, informational interviews, and more. To learn more and/or get involved, please email us at