Education & Outreach

Logan Center for Education

We often don’t realize that we ask ourselves critical questions that involve science on a daily basis: Should I vaccinate my child? Should I buy a hybrid car? Do pesticides on food harm me and my family?

We all need to develop a basic level of scientific literacy in order to function as individuals and as a society. It is especially critical for our students in grades K-12 to gain a solid foundation in the sciences, because future job opportunities will demand it. As research advances, our healthcare and wellness will demand it, too. This reality drove ISB to take a unique step among research institutes and create the Logan Center for Education.

The Vision:

  • To enable opportunity and access to high quality STEM education

The Purpose:

  • To support the education of future scientists and engineers to continue the work we launch
  • To build a skilled workforce for the world we create
  • To foster an educated citizenry that effectively participates in and contributes to the well-being of society

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