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ISB High School Intern Gives TEDx Talk

Radhika Dalal, a student at Kamiak High School in Mukilteo, presented a talk at TEDxSnoIsleLibraries on Nov. 18. She also participated in a summer internship at ISB to learn how to become a student ambassador for Project Feed 1010, a Baliga Lab research initiative that aims to make scientific breakthroughs for scaling up sustainable agriculture as well as developing and implementing associated STEM curriculum in high schools across the United States.

“Being a part of the Institute for Systems Biology’s PF1010 internship, I realized how food security was an issue that has been growing exponentially in the past few years,” Radhika said in her profile interview. “I would like to bring this project to my school in order to encourage students to work towards a common goal. Aquaponics systems require more than just one person running it and need a team to keep a successful system. Having a project such as this would not only be informational and meaningful, but it would also help develop students’ soft skills by requiring teamwork to create and maintain a system.”

In her TEDxSIL talk, Radhika told the story of how technology and social media have impacted how her generation connects, builds relationships and approaches higher education as a pathway to careers that have social impact. She is also the youth organizer for an upcoming TEDxYouth@KHS event.

Read more about our high school ambassadors

Want to participate or support the ambassador program? Please contact Jessica Day, PF1010 Project Manager.

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