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Science, Tech, Design & Food Converge at reThinkFood Conference

ISB Associate Director Dr. Nathan Price participated in the panel discussion “Revolutions in Healthcare: Impacts on the Future of the Food Industry” during the reThinkFood conference at The Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley. The panelists each gave a short talk about his/her respective interests and then sat down to a discussion. It was an interesting intersection of perspectives from Kevin Slavin (MIT Media Lab), Molly Maloof (Physician Entrepreneur),…

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ISB in Antarctica: Cruise Food

By Allison Lee What do you eat on board an ice breaker for two months? Some of you may have the impression we are eating freeze-dried food. I thought we might be eating unpleasant cafeteria food. I was pleasantly surprised to find our chef is a professional back at home and I have been impressed with every dish we’ve been served — especially desserts. My cruise mate Andrew Margolin wrote…

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