Past Innovator Awardees and Projects


Priority Areas:

  • Novel experimental systems
  • Therapeutics/interventions
  • Diagnostics
  • Tracking spatiotemporal heterogeneity of biological phenomena


Lead investigator: Matt Idso (Heath Group)
Collaborators: Mario Arrieta-Ortiz (Baliga Group), Ajay Akhade (Subramanian Group)
Project title: Peptide-based immunotherapeutics to combat drug-resistant bacteria

Lead investigator: John Earls (Hood-Price Group)
Collaborators: Theo Knijnenburg (Shmulevich Group), Michael Strasser (Huang Group)
Project Title: High-throughput Artificial Neural Net Architecture for Health using pD3 clouds

Lead investigator: Yapeng Su (Heath Group)
Collaborators: Joseph Zhou (Huang Group), Theo Knijnenburg (Shmulevich Group), John Earls (Hood-Price Group), Alphonsus Ng (Heath Group)
Project Title: Model driven discovery of central ligand-receptor pairs that maintain the drug resistance of a tumor cell ecosystem community

Lead investigator: Adrian Lopez Garcia De Lomana (Baliga Group)
Collaborators: Martin Shelton (Hood-Price Group), Chris Lausted (Hood-Price Group), Jessica Day (Baliga Group)
Project Title: One day of HIV infection one cell at a time


Priority Areas:

  • Single cell analytics
  • Interactomics
  • Genome editing
  • Big data analytics & modeling


Lead investigator: Chris Lausted (Hood-Price Group)
Collaborators: Neda Jabbari (Hood-Price Group), Changting Meng (Hood-Price Group), Vesteinn Thorsson (Shmulevich Group)
Project title: Sequence of the COLO320 double minute chromosome and its effect on gene expression

Lead investigator: Eliza Peterson (Baliga Group)
Collaborators: Eliza Peterson (Baliga Group), Mark Gillespie (Ranish Group), Fred Mast (Aitchison Group)
Project title:  High-Throughput Analysis of Regulatory Interactions in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Lead investigator: Joseph Zhou (Huang Group)
Collaborators: Irit Ruben (Huang Group), Chris Lausted (Hood-Price Group), Theo Knijnenberg (Shmulevich Group)
Project title: A Novel Technique to Monitor Single-Cell Transcriptome over Time Using Barcoding